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Summary: Turnstiles are used for restricting passages so that only one person may pass at a time helping to limit the flow of people past a point. They provide a secure barrier for entry allowing easier management and control of people entering and exiting a secured area.

Info: Standard Sizing as follows: 2m Height, 1.5m Length 1.5m, Width. In case of power failure, turnstiles will operate freely to allow quick escape in case of emergency. Turnstile is supplied on a steel base but can be mounted to suitable flooring if required.

Finish: Our standard turnstiles are galvanised steel with a choice of powder coats if required.

Additions: You can add a coin, ticket/pass system allowing access for paying customers or fobbed entry to employees, the turnstile can be tailored to your requirements. A canopy can be added for additional security to stop anyone climbing over the turnstile.

Applications: Turnstiles can be used in a variety of locations such as the following. Stadiums, office buildings, festivals, events, factories, schools and construction site.