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Swing Gate



We manufacture and install bespoke and standard swing gates suitable for both domestic and commercial use. Here at Access Barriers UK our team is committed to giving you the best advise possible to create a gate that has both the aesthetic appeal and full functionality you desire.

We can vary the design of the gate and the way in which they open to allow functionality on a range of slopes.

  •  We offer two mechanisms for power: Underground automatic gate motors, surface automatic gate RAMS.
  • Underground systems: while these systems tend to be more expensive, they are more aesthetically pleasing as the motors are “hidden” stopping them from detracting from the gate. Due to their design they can open to 180° stopping the gates from potentially encroaching an internal part of the driveway.
  • RAMS: This system usually requires steel posts on which to pivot and a vital operating geometry to operate effectively. The opposite end of the gate RAM is attached to the inside of the gate leaf allowing the RAM to open the gate by pulling the gate open and pushing it shut. While not as aesthetically pleasing they offer an effective lower cost solution and can be hidden behind certain gate features to provide a clean look from the outside.

Safety is always important so to make sure our gates comply with current DHF Regulations they come with:

  • Safety edges
  • Photocells
  • Safe by design hinges
  • Finger-guards